Welcome to FLIT Magazine

Posted by FLIT on 31 October 2008

You'll want to hide FLIT from your parents, but share it with your friends.

When a person looks at FLIT, we want it to feel like he is looking at a friend's secret scrapbook. It feels comfortable because it's a friend's creation; but it may also be surprising; a person may even be taken aback by what he discovers within.

FLIT should be welcoming, not pretentious. It isn't perfect, but it is personal and real.

FLIT is primarily a visual magazine featuring the male body in all its beauty, exciting graphics, and multi-cultural texts.


Posted by FLIT on 31 October 2008  • 

FLIT Magazine is seeking collaborators from all over the world! We are looking for emerging & established creatives (artists, photographers, writers, graphic designers)

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