FLIT: "The men's magazine that likes to take its clothes off"

You'll want to hide FLIT from your parents, but share it with your friends.

When you look at FLIT, we want it to feel like you are looking at a friend's secret scrapbook. It feels comfortable because it's a friend's creation; but it may also be surprising; you may even be taken aback by what you discover within. FLIT should be welcoming, not pretentious. It isn't perfect, but it is personal and real.

FLIT will primarily be a visual magazine featuring full male nudity, exciting graphics, and multi-cultural text.

These are questions to consider when you are choosing your submission(s), however you do not have to answer every one. And, you do not have to answer these questions literally! The "theme" of the first issue is "Creativity via Eroticism".

  • Who (or what) is your muse or source of inspiration?

  • How does sexuality affect your creativity and creations?

  • What is your first erotic memory?

  • Do you have erotic fantasies and if so, what do they comprise? Do they influence your creative work?

  • Does your work derive from historical or pop culture references?

  • A hundred years ago Madonna created "Sex" with photographer Steven Meisel. She portrayed herself in a number of encounters with "friends" and acquaintances. How would you portray yourself in your own scenarios?

  • Do you feel the portrayal of real sex (with full penetration) in the film "Shortbus" made it more powerful?

  • Have you or your work ever been censored?

  • Do environmental concerns play a role in your work?

We highly value humor, parody, and satire.

We are multi-ethnic, anti-racist, but not "politically correct".

FLIT loves the interview format; and all contributors may receive a short interview.

FLIT loves self-pics and all contributors will be expected to provide a photo of themselves for publication.

"Fashion spreads" are fine as long as the model is naked at the end!


Size: Crown Quarto (7.44 X 9.68 inches, or 18.9 X 24.59 cm)
Binding: Perfect, Softcover
(perfect binding)
Number of pages: 80-120 depending on submissions
Black and white
Images: 300 DPI (maximum page resolution 2232 X 2904 pixels)


Legal: Works must be your own, you must have the legal right to reproduce them. You grant FLIT the right to use the work (license). You retain ownership of the work. All models must be 18+ (proof of age may be required, best to take a photo of the model with ID) and you should also get a model release.

Personal message from the publisher:

I would like FLIT to be a vehicle for self-expression on an erotic plane. I am looking for creatives who desire to go beyond the typical "gay" / "artsy" / fashion magazine format. As artists we may deal with some form of censorship on a daily basis - - maybe FLIT can be an avenue for us to express ourselves without facing censorship, working with other artists on a collaborative basis.

Unfortunately I am starting with a budget of $0, so the work that we do for the first issue of FLIT, at least, will have to be a "labor of love" (or lust?). All contributors will receive at least one complimentary copy of FLIT upon publication. If we secure monies from advertising, contributors will also receive benefits from that.

Thank you for your interest in FLIT and I so look forward to working with you!


s u s h u m a

PS: Yesterday I read that publishing house Taschen has released a new book called "The Big Penis Book" -- good timing eh?:




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