Collaborating with FLIT

Posted by FLIT on 31 October 2008

FLIT Magazine is seeking collaborators from all over the world! We are looking for emerging & established creatives (artists, photographers, writers, graphic designers)

Here is the design brief for issue #1. Contact us to be added to the contributors' list or better yet, join our private network at

Contributors for FLIT issue one

Posted by FLIT on 7 November 2008

Alex Hetherington, Scotland
Barry A. Noland, USA
Boris Pintar, Slovenia
cdric-moasa, France
Dennis Sabisch, Germany
Donatien Veismann, France(BR> Ethan James, USA
Francesca Mazzucato, Italy
Gabriel Moginot, France
Gio Black Peter, USA
Gregory Moon, USA
IseBeth, France
Izanagi, Poland
Jean-Sebastien Chauvin
Jerome Haffner/
Jonas K, United Kingdom
Justino Esteves, United Kingdom
Lawrence Schimel, Spain/USA
Lee Kyle, USA
Luc the Pistol, Poland, Germany/USA
Manuel Peruzzo, Germany
Matias Uris Reyes, Spain
Mckenzie James, Canada
MoutonCollet, France
Nick Zantop, USA
Pantelis, United Kingdom
Philippe Comtesse, France
Qm3, France
Robbeyond, USA
Robert P. Langdon, USA
Roberto Chiovitti, Italy
Roberto Greco, Switzerland
Rudy Valdez, USA
Sam Scott Schiavo, Italy
Sbastien, Spain
Stephen Fofanoff, USA
Stuart Wayne, United Kingdom
Tennessee Claflin, Germany
Vincent, VietNam
William Maltese, USA
Zachari Logan, Canada